Artwork Submissions
What we need from you.



Non-computer submissions:

Camera Ready artwork.

Film Positive (Right reading emulsion up)

Film Negative


Computerized submissions:



For IBM Formatted images, supply the fonts used.

WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)     IBM Formatted 3-1/2" disk any density.

WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)     IBM Formatted ZIP Disk 100MB.

WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)     IBM Formatted Syquest Cartridge 135MB.

For MAC Formatted images, convert all fonts to curves.

WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)     MAC Formatted 3-1/2" disk high density only.

WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)     MAC Formatted Zip Disk 100MB.

WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)     MAC Formatted Syquest 135MB.


Vector Based Images:

WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)      CorelDraw Versions 4 through 8

WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)      Encapsulated Postscript (EPS)

WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)     Adobe Illustrator

WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)     Windows Metafile

WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)     Autocad DFX

AUTOCAD DFX files are usually not well suited for making silkscreen art. If you have no other choice, then these files MUST be all drawn on ONE LAYER!!! Please specify which layer and format size was used. Also supply a full size printout of what the final art should look like.





*Note: Compressed MAC files (i.e. Stuffit etc.) are no good.

*Note: Bitmapped images may not be suitable for silkscreen art.

Quark or Freehand files must be converted to EPS format prior to submittal to Screen Tech.

Acceptable file compression:

Gzip, TAR, Z and Zip.

If you have any important notes about your file, please include them in a readme.txt file along with your disk.










Bitmap Images:

 WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)     TIFF

 WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)     GIF

 WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)     JPG

 WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)     BMP

 WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)     PCX

 WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes)     TGA